Virtual ADHD Holistic
Health Care

Clinical herbalism, nutrition consulting, and certified aromatherapy for natural and supportive ADHD symptom management
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Herbal Medicine - Supplements - Holistic Nutrition

Can Safely + Effectively Support ADHD
Regulate Emotions & Hormones
Caring for both mind and body is vital to stabilizing moods and balancing natural body functions so you can feel less overwhelmed
Manage Stress & Anxiety
Providing nourishment and care to the nervous system can support many other disorders that overlap or are commonly seen with ADHD
Improve Cognitive Function
Herbal medicine, balanced nutrients, and a holistic lifestyle may improve working memory, lessen brain fog, and slow cognitive decline
Restore Energy & Regain Vitality
My holistic solutions are tailored to balance your specific needs, targeting your unique symptoms, and offers compassionate & caring support
Balance Nutrient Deficiencies
ADHD has been linked to multiple vitamin, mineral, and even protein deficiencies. Nurturing homeostasis can improve many symptoms
Neurotransmitter Synthesis
Boosting dopamine and neurotransmitter production can calm your racing thoughts and help improve executive functioning skills

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