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Test Don't Guess

Functional Testing + Holistic Health + Collaborative Care

BHC Functional Lab work

DNA & Genomics Testing

This is how you can best learn about yourself. Our genomic analysis uses a specialty program called Opus23 to investigate roughly 20,000 clinically relevant SNPs (small changes in genes that result in variances in physiology). Knowledge of these genes allows us to drill down the best interventions for current complaints and generate a nutritional guide that’s perfect for you.

Microbiome Analysis

Trust that gut feeling. The gut microbiome is an ecosystem within us that involves itself in nearly every aspect of human physiology - from localized gastrointestinal disruptions to systemic inflammation and hormonal and metabolic derangements. There are two types of tests available:

The Ecosystem Analysis dives into the entire microbial ecosystem using “relative abundance” microbiome data that tells us more about how your microbiome contributes to your systemic functionality.

The GI Analysis includes bacteria, viruses, and fungi, but also gastrointestinal biomarkers that key us into inflammation, food intolerances, and intestinal permeability.

Almost every patient can benefit from a GI-MAP gut health assessment.

Functional Blood Work

Too often people are told their lab results are “normal” by their doctors, although they feel sick and have legitimate symptoms. By taking a deeper look, a more comprehensive assessment can be made regarding one’s health and nutritional needs.

We run conventional blood markers and assess them based on optimal levels and view the results through a functional medicine lens. 

Organic Acids Testing

Using an Organic Acid test, we outline metabolic pathways by capturing the level of their by-products in urine to identify areas of pathologically increased or stagnant activity.

Hormone Testing

Find balance. Our hormones as are sensitive as they come. Using a dried urine analysis with saliva swabbing, we can visualize your endocrine system, including adrenal hormones (cortisol/cortisone, DHEA and pregnenolone) as well as sex hormones and melatonin to identify and target areas of polarity to bring you into harmony.

And More

Additional testing is available at Botanical Health Clinic including heavy metal testing, allergy, mold and mycotoxin testing, and more.