Holistic ADHD Symptom Management

Know which herbs, supplements, & essential oils to use and which ones to avoid so that you can feel more confident and less overwhelmed managing your ADHD symptoms
Nutrition Consulting
Nutrition plays a key role, you will learn to eat healthier and improve your ADHD symptoms without giving up the foods you love
It can get overwhelming learning what herbs and supplements are safe & effective for your needs. I'm here to guide you
Essential Oils
Aromatherapy is a simple & affordable solution to many of your overlapping symptoms like anxiety, irritability, stress, and insomnia
Wellness Coaching
It's easy to feel unsupported in getting health care. As your partner, I am committed to providing empathetic & genuine support

New Client Package

The New Client Package includes two virtual visits with me

An initial 45-minute holistic wellness consultation + a 30-minute follow-up session that is scheduled 3 weeks after you begin your new protocol. We will meet virtually, either by phone or Zoom (whichever you are more comfortable with)

During your first visit, we will discuss your intake forms, health history, ADHD symptoms & concerns, and review any herbs or supplements you're taking

I'll provide you with a simple and sustainable plan. We'll meet again in 3 weeks to make adjustments, answer any questions you have, or discuss the next steps

You will leave feeling supported and confident in your herb, supplement, and nutrition choices. You will have a true partnership that you can count on


What Do You Get Working With Me?

Partnership, Support & Advocacy
It can be lonely and frustrating finding genuine support for ADHD. I offer a safe space, compassionate outlook, and a chance to tell your whole story. I am here to be your partner and advocate for your overall health and well-being. There isn't going to be much that we can't solve working together
Lifestyle Suggestions & Guidance
I am here to support you in overall health and wellness. We can discuss any obstacles, stressors, or any other concerns you have along your wellness journey. My unique set of skills, my extensive training, and my multi-modality approach is tailored to offer robust, specialized holistic solutions, and motivational guidance
Review & Lab Analysis
I'll review your current diet and any lab work from a functional medicine standpoint keeping my eye on the nutrients that are most beneficial for and mostly commonly seen as deficiencies in ADHD. You will receive customized holistic nutrition advice and recommendations for more blood work, if necessary
Herb, Essential Oil & Supplement Advice
Let's review what you're currently taking and what you have tried before. I'll provide guidance on dosing, supplements to consider or discontinue and I will suggest the most compatible herbs and essential oils for your specific needs and symptoms
Click the "Schedule Now" Button below

You'll be redirected to my HIPAA complaint Practice Management system (Practice Better) and pick a time that works for you. Your first appointment will be about 45-minutes long. I do offer evening and weekend appointments. We can meet via ZOOM or secure chat messaging, whichever makes you most comfortable (you will let me know on your intake forms).
Select your Payment Method

Pay in full with a credit card or choose a zero-interest payment plan to secure your first appointment. We will book your second session 3 weeks after you begin your new holistic health plan.
Prepare for your Consultation

You'll receive an invitation to join Practice Better (please do this!) and a confirmation email within 24 hours. Your intake and health history forms will be inside your client portal, please fill these out at least 48 hours before your appointment. You'll also have a chance to upload any lab reports that you would like me to review before our session.
We'll Meet Virtually

You'll get a reminder message before our meeting, with a link to join the session if you've opted for a Zoom meeting. If you chose the secure chat option, I will meet you inside the client portal at your scheduled time. During this time, I will go through your health history and goals, and ask clarifying questions to better assess your needs and ADHD symptoms.
Receive your Customized Plan

Within 48-hours of our meeting, I'll send you a holistic protocol sheet through Practice Better. This plan includes dietary, herbal, and lifestyle guidance to support your ADHD symptoms and current health needs. I'll also provide you with a week's worth of whole-food-based recipes customized to your needs and likes. It will also include my top 4 essential oils for you to use.
Purchase your Herbs/Supplements

The cost of herbs or supplements is not included in your package. The intake form will ask you for your budget, and I will work around this when making recommendations. You can buy your herb recommendations from your favorite apothecary or I can order them from a herbal compounding pharmacy and ship them directly to you. All my clients receive a discount on clinical-grade supplements or you can purchase them from your local health foods store.
Start the Protocol & Book your Follow-Up Visit

3 weeks after starting your protocol, you can book this session through the client portal. We'll meet again to see how the plan is going, answer any questions, and make any adjustments. If you'd like to schedule additional appointments, we can discuss doing so. I would love to continue to partner with you on your wellness journey.
What if I take ADHD medication or want to?
Wonderful! I support your choice either way. It is especially important to know which supplements do or don't work with your specific ADHD medications as taking the wrong supplements or too many supplements can exasperate your symptoms and/or conflict with your medications. Incorporating a holistic routine also assists your body in metabolizing your ADHD medications properly
Do you work with kids?
I do, I am very comfortable working with kids. I am a former pediatric nurse that spent 10 years working with children that have ADHD and other brain-based disorders. I work with anyone who is diagnosed with or believes they have ADHD regardless of age..
Are the products I need included in the price?
No. Any prices that are listed are for your actual sessions and recommendations only. You are free to purchase your herbal and supplement suggestions from your favorite apothecary or I can have them ordered for you from a reputable organic compounding pharmacy. All my clients do get access to discounted, clinical-grade supplements.

PLEASE make you are purchasing high-quality pure products from a reliable source. Triple check the ingredients to make sure there are no additives or dyes

Can you help me lose weight?
I am a Healthy At Every Size (HAES) Practitioner. I help you set nutrition goals based on your health, the results of your lab work, and the needs of your symptoms. I believe you can be healthy at every size, but if you have a goal to lose weight, we can definitely address that and talk about ways for you to feel more comfortable with your weight. My goal as a holistic practitioner and nutritionist is to show you how to pick healthier choices and balance your nutrients to ease your  ADHD symptoms, many of my clients realize that also results in looking and feeling their best 
Do I have to give up gluten or coffee?
Absolutely not! I know switching up your diet and can be scary. I will make simple, easy-to-follow suggestions on how we can improve your nutrition and your ADHD symptoms based on the foods you currently eat. I do not like to restrict foods in my ADHD clients, especially at the beginning of our relationship.

However, If you are seeking a stricter diet clean-up and are ready to tackle a clean meal plan, I can show you how and support you every step of the way. 
What if I don’t have ADHD can I still work with you?

Absolutely! I would love to support anyone looking to incorporate holistic healing through clinical herbs, nutrition, and aromatherapy. Feel free to book your appointment and let's get started on your wellness journey
Accepting New Clients!
Secure Online Consultations &
HIPAA Compliant Care

Take a peek into my HIPAA secure Practice Management System: Practice Better.

Our virtual meetings and all communication will be held through your secure client portal. You will have access to send me messages between sessions and keep a journal of your food and moods if you wish.
My Practice Management System & Your Client Portal
Kind Words From My Clients
Niki was right! Balancing my nutrients, utilizing essential oils, and putting baby steps in place for a healthier lifestyle has made a tremendous difference in my ADHD irritability and fatigue.
My son was battling several nutrient deficiencies which were making his ADHD symptoms worse and he is such a picky eater. His pediatrician referred us to Niki. We are so happy he did, she is so helpful and caring.
Parent of Client
I first came to Botanical Health Clinic for herbal and supplement advice because of my ADHD symptoms and blood work results. I now come to Niki for monthly health and wellness coaching.
My ADHD symptoms had gotten hard to manage during the pandemic. I was overwhelmed where to start, I even tried having my medication increased. Implementing Niki's diet suggestions and following her supplement advice has been a game-changer for me.

Hey! I'm Niki

I am a Clinical Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, Holistic Nutritionist, and ADHD Wellness Coach. I have been researching, creating, and using holistic protocols in a clinical setting since 1998.

Having ADHD myself, I know first-hand the unique challenges we face daily trying to balance nutrition, emotions, and our executive dysfunctions.

My simple and effective holistic protocols are created around my experience and my passion to give genuine, caring, & safe ADHD support.

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