Helping Humans with ADHD

Functional Nutrition + Herbal Medicine for Adults, Pediatrics & Pregnancy
Herbal Medicine & Targeted Supplements
It can get overwhelming learning what herbs and supplements are safe & effective for your ADHD needs. I'm here to guide you
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Nutrition plays a key role, you will learn to eat healthier and improve your ADHD symptoms without giving up the foods you love
ADHD Coaching + Lifestyle Support
It's easy to feel unsupported in getting health care. As your partner, I am committed to providing empathetic & motivational support
Are you struggling to find the right care plan to manage your child's or your own ADHD?
Unmanaged ADHD can feel overwhelming and hopeless but it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to do this alone.
Here's How Easy It Is To Get Started
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    Book with Me

    Schedule a discovery call to learn how I can help you or book your first appointment with me to get started right away.

  • 2

    We'll Meet Virtually

    We will go through your health history, discuss your goals, and ask clarifying questions to better assess your needs and ADHD symptoms.

  • 3

    Start Your Custom Plan

    I’ll create a custom plan that you can stick to. We adapt as needed and meet as often as you need to keep you on track.

New Client Consultations

My clients are most successful when they have ongoing support from a partner to help them navigate their ADHD symptoms and stick to their care plan. All new patients start with the following package

Here's What Will Be Included In Our Work Together

  • Partnership, Support & Advocacy
    It can be lonely and frustrating finding genuine support for ADHD. I offer a safe space, compassionate outlook, and a chance to tell your whole story. I am here to be your partner and advocate for your overall health and well-being. There isn't going to be much that we can't solve working together
  • Functional Lab Testing & Analysis
    I'll review your current food journals and any lab work from a functional medicine standpoint keeping my eye on the nutrients that are most beneficial for and mostly commonly seen as deficiencies in ADHD. You will receive customized holistic nutrition advice and recommendations for more blood work, if necessary. You provide the labs or I can order them for you.
  • Herb, Diet & Supplement Advice
    Let's review what you're currently taking and what you have tried before. I'll provide guidance on dosing, supplements to consider or discontinue and I will suggest the most compatible herbs and essential oils for your specific needs and symptoms
  • Personalized Care
    I am here to support you in overall health and wellness. We can discuss any obstacles, stressors, or any other concerns you have along your wellness journey. My unique set of skills, my extensive training, and my multi-modality approach is tailored to offer robust, specialized holistic solutions, and motivational guidance

Payment & Insurance

I accept all major credit cards and HSA/FSA cards at checkout. Please note it's your responsibility to verify coverage. Payment is required to book your first appointment. Payment plans are also available at checkout.

I currently do not accept insurance but am happy to provide you with a superbill after my services to submit for possible reimbursement. This is best for those with out-of-network benefits

You Deserve to Feel Calm Amongst the Chaos

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